Honoring our contributors …

PHS honors individuals who have contributed to the preservation of regional history with a number of awards:

  • Fellows of Permian Historical Society Award is given to individuals who have published significant historical work about the Permian Basin;
  • Academy of History Award acknowledges individual contributions to area-wide historical preservation;
  • Permian History Preservationist Award commemorates substantial contributions to libraries, museums, and archival collections of the Permian Basin;
  • Permian Pioneer Award acknowledges individual contributions to the advancement of the Permian Basin over a fifty-year residency.

Permian Fellows
N. Ethie Eagleton 1972
Clarence Pope 1972
Samuel Myres 1974
Clayton Williams, Sr. 1976
J. Wayne Holmes 1978
Patrick Dearen 2007
Elmer Kelton 2007
Ross McSwain 2007
Paul Patterson 2007

Academy of History
John Ben Shepperd 1972
Nancy Rankin McKinley 1978
J. Conrad Dunagan 1983
Grace King 1986
Diana Davids Olien 1991
Roger M. Olien 1991
Elmer Kelton 1993
Joseph Duke Pickle 1993
June Redford Reid 2000
Bobbie Jean Klepper 2001
Betty Orbeck 2001

Distinguished Service 
Eileen Welch 2002
H. Warren Gardner 2003

History Preservationist
Thelma Webber  1982
J. Tillapaugh 1991


Permian Pioneer

Barney Hubbs 1973
William L. Kerr 1973
Tom McKnight 1973
Lily McKnight 1973
Berte R. Haigh 1977
Annie Henderson 1977
Ada Phillips 1977
Mary Lee Waddell 1977
John P. Butler 1978
Neva Burt Campbell 1978
Oso Pool 1980
Rosa Lee Wylie 1980
Sarah Ratliff 1982
Rosalind Kapps Redfern 1991
Dorothy Croft 1992
Lila Rose Robinson 1992
Cecil A. Robinson 1992
Marjorie Rogers Morris 1994
Ethel Irene McNerlin Springer 1994
Grover Marlin Springer 1994
P. W. Malone 1995
Bob Deavenport 2003
Eileen Eiland Welch 2003
Kathlyn Cosper Dunagan 2003
Lorene Barbee 2007
Jean Reid 2007

Trail Boss

J. Evetts Haley 1978