Meeting Minutes: Spring 2008

November 29, 2006

26 April 2008

The spring meeting of the Permian Historical Society was held April 26, 2008 at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum and Chaparral Gallery in Midland, Texas. Registration began at 9:00 a.m. Coffee, juice and breakfast goodies were available for the attendees to enjoy while they visited prior to the meeting. President Peggy Kelton called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. and said that she was glad to see so many
aprons and bonnets. She asked the members to let the society know of any address changes and if those who have email did not get their newsletter. She asked those who would like to join PHS to fill out the membership card in their packet and turn it it.

Julia Cauble Smith, chairman of the nomination committee, announced that the current officers had all agreed to serve again. They are:

  • Peggy Kelton — President
  • Betty Cash — VP Program
  • James Collett — VP Membership
  • Sue Ann Damron — Secretary
  • Sherry Phillips — Treasurer
  • J. Tillapaugh — Investments

There being no nominations from the floor, Frances Stewart moved that the slate of officers be accepted by acclamation. Doug Damron seconded the motion, which passed.

Charlena Chandler announced that there were books available to be reviewed for the annual. If anyone was interested, the reviews were due by July 1 st .

Patsy White invited the attendees to Ozona on October 18th for PHS fall meeting.

Jean Reid moved that the minutes of the October 2007 meeting be approved as printed in the program. Genny Townsend seconded the motion, which passed.

Miss Kellsey Drgac entertained the gathering with her reading of the very appropriate poem, “Grandma’s Apron.”

Those who had dressed in bonnets and/or aprons came to the front and were voted on for best female and best male participant. Jean Reid won The Apron Book, and Jim Stewart won a white apron with PHS on the pocket.

Program VP Betty Cash then introduced an interesting collection of papers that were presented to everyone’s enjoyment. They included:

The Settlement and Taming of the Big Bend Area of Texas by Travis Roberts
Life in Crane, Texas: A Reminiscence by Sue Christon
The New Deal in the Permian Basin by Dr. J. Tillapaugh
The West Texas Oil Industry and the Effects of World War II by Cade Allen
The Wink Sink by Dr. Robert Trentham.

After a wonderful lunch catered by the Bakers of Stanton, it was time for awards and prizes. President Peggy Kelton presented a framed certificate and a lily for the garden to Julia Cauble Smith for her much appreciated labors producing our bulletins and programs over the past several years. The Best Presentation Award for the 2007 fall meeting was given to Steve Shaw for his Power Point presentation entitled Geology, History, and Water Resources in the Concho River Basin and Edwards Plateau.

After the numerous door prizes were distributed to those holding the winning tickets, President Peggy Kelton thanked everyone for making this such a well-attended meeting and said that she hoped to see them at the fall meeting in Ozona.

Peggy Kelton: President

Sue Ann Damron: Secretary

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