Meeting Minutes: Fall 2010

April 4, 2011

Fall Meeting
9 October 2010
The Fall Meeting of the Permian Historical Society was held at the Community
Center in Grandfalls. Forty-five meal tickets were taken up.

Registration began at 9:00 a.m. Members and guests enjoyed the breakfast food,
coffee and juice, visiting and buying books until the meeting began at 9:45 a.m.

President Peggy Kelton welcomed all to the meeting and 1st VP Betty Cash
introduced the presenters: John Mac Carpenter who extended greetings from the
Grandfalls community and presented a brief history of Grandfalls; Mary Kuhn
spoke on the history of the Union Church of Grandfalls; Mark White told about
his grandfather T. M. White, a founder of the Union Church, and the importance
that the White family placed on education; Tommy Garrison gave a power
point program concerning his great-great-grandfather Henery Barlow Hutchins’
westward movements from North Carolina to Texas; Gene Sweatt told of his
grandfather’s reminiscences of early Grandfalls, including the fact that his parents
dug the first good well in 1891; and Kellie Acosta led an informative tour of the
Union Church’s beautiful stained glass windows.

The members voted for Best Presentation and the meeting broke for lunch, which
was catered by Mesquite Bar-B-Q of Iraan.

After lunch, President Kelton presided over the business session.

Marshall Huffman moved that the minutes of the 2010 Spring Meeting be
approved as printed. The motion was seconded and passed.
Eula Huffman moved that the slate of officers for 2010-2012 submitted by the
Board of Directors be accepted. Frances Stewart seconded the motion, which

Eula Huffman moved that the proposed directors Mark White and Carolyn Hodge
be accepted by acclamation. John Damron seconded the motion, which passed.
President Kelton announced that a feeler has been extended to Pecos to host the
October meeting; but if that falls through, Big Lake will be the site.

Treasurer Sherry Phillips asked the members to fill out a membership card if they
want to pay their dues for 2011 today or if they have a new address or email.
Editor Jim Collett provided a proof issue of the 50th Anniversary issue of the
annual for members to peruse and announced that the annuals would be mailed

Sylvia Rankin was recognized for hosting PHS’ web site for free in honor of Elmer

Judges Kellie Acosta and Donitta Barber chose Sherry Adams and Snooks Collett
as the winners of the 1910-era costume contest.

Charles Stroder, 88, was the oldest person present.

President Kelton announced that anyone who purchased a limited edition of Elmer
Kelton’s last book, Texas Standoff, would receive a signed book marker.
Tickets were drawn for the door prizes.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Peggy Kelton, President                                              Sue Ann Damron, Secretary


L-R: Peggy Kelton, Evelyn Stroder, Sue Ann Damron, Rosemary Rogers, Snooks Collett, Lane Bond, Sherry Adams, & Clarence Hartfield, Jr.

L-R: Peggy Kelton, Evelyn Stroder, Sue Ann Damron, Rosemary Rogers, Snooks Collett, Lane Bond, Sherry Adams, & Clarence Hartfield, Jr.

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