This is an image of the Tom Green County Jail in San Angelo, Texas.  According to Library of Congress records, it was taken about 1910.


This fearsome lady is Mrs. Pat Conway, the jailer.

Fall Meeting
20 October 2012

The Fall Meeting of the Permian Historical Society was held at the Community-Convention Center in Monahans. There were 24 registered members and guests.

Registration began at 9:00 a.m. Coffee, orange juice, a fruit tray, cinnamon rolls and peanut butter rolls were available for breakfast. Before the programs began at 10:00 a.m., attendees ate, visited, picked up their annuals from Editor Jim Collett, bought past annuals, purchased books from Glenn Williford, enjoyed the hooked rugs done for Texas’ sesquicentennial that show scenes from Ward County’s history and viewed the display of insignia of the squadrons that had trained at the Peyote base.

Investments Chair J. Tillapaugh welcomed everyone and introduced the day’s speakers. Glenn Williford, former Sheriff of Upton County and afterwards an educator and author, told of the events following the murders of former Texas Rangers Dave Allison and Horace Roberson by Tom Ross and Milt Good on April 1, 1923 in Seminole. After hearing the backgrounds of all four, it was hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. The “bad” guy Milt Good, who was sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence, found a friend in Governor “Ma” Ferguson who pardoned him after serving only ten years of his sentence. J. Tillapaugh then told of a grad student of his that had researched the pardon of her grandfather by Governor Ferguson. The student’s great aunt still had proof in her possession that $2000 had been paid to the corrupt governor for the pardon. Joe Specht then presented a brief version of his annual article, The West Tenor Sax Stylings of Jimmy Seals of Rankin, Texas. Mr. Specht told of Seals’ boyhood in West Texas and highlighted the progress of Seals’ career by intermittently playing the music of this talented self-taught musician. The last speaker was Travis Sawyer, chair of the Ward County Historical Commission, who gave a power point program on the history of the Rattlesnake Bomber Base and the $12 million project underway to move its museum from Peyote to Monahans.

Scott Jordan, Executive Director of the Pecos Trail Region, was introduced.

All were invited to join Charles and Evelyn Stroder to celebrate their 60th Anniversary on November 17th at 10:00 a.m. at the First Baptist Church in Crane.

Lane Bond collected the Best Presentation ballots.

Sue Ann Damron announced that Barbara Barton won the Best Presentation Award for her program One Feisty Schoolmarm at the 2012 Spring Meeting.

Damron then drew the tickets for the door prizes, which were won by Rubin Vasquez, Mark White, Joe Specht, Joy Fletcher, Jeanie Clampton, Beth Hoover and Evelyn Shroder.

After a great chicken-fried steak lunch, all were encouraged to visit the Million Barrel Museum and the Monahans State Park Visitor Center.
The meeting was adjourned.
Sue Ann Damron, Secretary

Thanks to Jim Collett and Lane Bond for providing these!  Click the image to see full size!

Gordon Hooper

Gordon Hooper, waiting to speak on weather. April 2013

Peggy Kelton

Peggy Kelton, introducing speakers on historic weather events.

Betty Cash

Betty Cash, master of ceremonies

Darrell Ward

Weatherman Darrell Ward

Darrell Ward and Gordon Hooper

Darrell Ward and Gordon Hooper

Gordon Hooper

Gordon Hooper

James Collett

James Collett, presenter on McCamey’s founding

Dr. J. Tilapaugh

Dr. J. Tilapaugh, manages investments for the society

Peggy Kelton and Lane Bond

Peggy Kelton and Lane Bond pose in their costumes

Peggy Kelton and Lane Bond

Peggy Kelton and Lane Bond pose in their costumes

John Hodge

John Hodge of Big Lake donated a bag of mesquite roasted coffee beans as a door prize.


Meeting Minutes: Spring 2012

September 4, 2012

Spring Meeting
21 April 2012
The Spring Meeting of the Permian Historical Society was held at the Petroleum Museum in Midland. There were 48 registered members and guests.  Registration began at 9:00 a.m. Coffee, juice, doughnuts and fruit were available for breakfast. Attendees had time to eat, visit and peruse the books for sale before the programs began at 10:00 a.m.

President Kelton thanked everyone for coming before turning the meeting over to VP Betty Cash who introduced the day’s presenters. Kathy Shannon presented a pictorial power point program that enhanced her presentation From Dreams to Reality – The History and Future of the Petroleum Museum. Scheduled speaker Wiley Dabbs was unable to attend. Barbara Barton’s program One Feisty Schoolmarm told the life story of Nora Gentry Locklin who taught at various ranch schools and helped her husband in his endeavors throughout her 101 years.  Patrick Dearen shared a synopsis of his newest nonfiction book, Devil’s River, Treacherous Twin to the Pecos, 1535-1900 and the research that went into it. Scott Jordan, Executive Director of the Pecos Trail Region, had a continuously running slide show of places to interest tourists, as he told about the seven state parks, three National Natural Landmarks, six Main Street towns, two forts and numerous museums, historic courthouses, train depots, movie theatres, and jails in the region.

Ballots for Best Presentation were collected by Donna Bell before the meeting broke for a wonderful lunch provided by the Bakers of Stanton.  Door prizes given throughout the day were won by Sue Ann Damron, Roger Goertz, J Tillapaugh, Betty Cash, Evelyn Stroder, Patsy White and Marshall Huffman.

After lunch, President Kelton presided over the business session. The minutes of the October 2011 meeting were approved as printed.  The current officers, except for 2nd VP in charge of programs, were presented for another term. There were no volunteers for the vacant office and no nominations from the floor for any of the other offices.  The motion by the board of directors to give a free first year’s membership and annual to new members was accepted by Jim Sears and Roy Platner.

Special guest Marisue Potts, incoming President of the West Texas Historical Association, was introduced.

Lawmen John Damron and Peggy Kelton and Outlaws Lane Bond and Marisue Potts tied for Best Costume and each received a prize.  The Best Presentation Award for the October 2011 meeting was presented to Evans Turpin for his power point program about the discovery of a rock art shelter near Bakersfield that was designated Archaeological Site 41PC633.

County Historical Commission chairs Betty Damron of Crane County and Betty Cash of Pecos County reported on historical activities in their areas, as did Peggy Kelton and Donna Bell of Upton County and Marisue Potts of Motley County. Patsy White thanked the officers and board members for all the hard work they have done to keep our history alive.

President Kelton announced that the Fall Meeting will be held in Monahans on October 20.
Boxed meals of the leftover food were available for $10 each.

The meeting was adjourned.

________________________________ _____________________________
Peggy Kelton, President                                     Sue Ann Damron, Secretary


Meeting Notices

April 9, 2012


Date:  October 21, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Place: Winkler County Senior Citizen’s Center, 416 E. Campbell, Kermit, Texas

Scheduled Topics and Speakers:

The day Kermit came to Kermit – Ted Westmoreland

Jim Sharp: Champion Bull Rider – Billye Sharp

Blue Mountain Caves – Alice Wight Leese

Wink Sink/Kermit Crater – George Keely

In Memorial – We remember Sue Ann Damron


Business Meeting


After the meeting, a car caravan will tour historic features/locations of the area.




Nancy Rankin McKinley:  Nancy was a mover and a shaker.  She was 3 months shy of her 98th birth-
day.  She attended schools in Midland and graduated from Midland High in 1931.  Her entire life was
spent in recording and preserving history especially the history of Midland.  She married and raised a
family in Midland.  She was an active member of every historical organization around.  She was a fun
person to be around and easily recognized by her bright red or blue hat and large glasses on a tiny frame.
These folks are gone, but will be remembered for a long, long time.